IHTA Contact Information

Via E-Mail

The IHTA Board can be reached at: <ihta-board@islandhouse.us>.

Via Postal Mail

The postal address is:

Island House Tenants Association, Inc.
Box 132
New York, NY

Via Lock Box

Tenants can drop financial contributions, and communicate with the Board and Committees in writing on the matters of their concern, by depositing their notes to the Board and Committees in the Lock Box, which is located on the wall to the right of the 555 mailboxes near the package room.  In all your communications, please clearly identify yourselves: your building and apartment number, and the preferred ways to write back to you. The glass cases on the wall opposite the 555 and 575 mailboxes is where announcements and other information is posted.

Board Members

The IHTA directors are:

(Mr.) Graham Cannon, Vice Chair
(Mr.) Frank Farance, Secretary
(Mr.) Geoffrey Kerr, Treasurer
(Mr.) Chris Enock, Director
(Mr.) Renato Folla, Director
(Mr.) Richard Leopold, Director


Web Administration <ihta-webmaster@islandhouse.us> by:

(Mr.) Frank Farance
Renato Folla

Other Contacts

The managing agent, Blackwell Management, can be contacted at:

(Ms.) Jennifer Jones
RY Management
545 Main Street
New York, NY 10044-0009

Phone: +1 212 755 3012
Fax: +1 212 755 3160

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Last Update: 2011-01-08